A message from the Director

Covid 19 and the AoA Update April 28th 2020

April 28, 2020

To start, I hope all are well.   This unprecendented period in our world’s history has left us not only concerned for the health and well being of of our loved ones and all we know, but also posed an emotional challenge for every person.  During these times, we must all be patient as the world community searches together for answers and a path back to some normalcy in our lives.  It has been a difficult time, but we should be proud as a community of how well we have been able to adapt to this situation and come together in common cause.

Florida’s Stay at Home Order and the Florida Department of Education

As the current stay at home order expires, we are expecting that some businesses be opened again soon with social distancing and health precaution to  continue to safeguard against the spread of COVID 19.   The Department of Education has decided to keep the physical school sites closed for the the remainder of 2019-2020 school year.  With that noted, the Academy of Ability will follow the direction of the Department of Education and keep our physical facilities closed through June.  It continues to be our hope that we can institute some make up of this time during the summer in place of our customary summer program that is run at the school.   The details of this potential and I stress potential schedule have not yet been determined but when there is certainty, we will communicate that to all families as staff immediately.

Virtual Education and the AoA and Attendance 

The teachers at the  AoA have been running zoom video classes for math and language arts , offering online curriculum for subject studies through prerecorded video content offered on Youtube, IXL online activities, and other mediums. There are related worksheets and reinforcement activities linked to the videos based upon your child’s level of participation

  •  Our students are stilled enrolled in school and expected to participate daily in these offerings. 
  • Participating in these activities constitutes attendance. 
  •  All parents who have children in public and other private schools are faced with this challenge
  • Parents and Caregivers are unfortunately thrust into duty to help this happen.   
  • A teacher has been contacting Parents since the beginning of April, please make sure to answer those calls, emails, or texts so you can have the schedule and content necessary to complete this virtual instruction. 


Help Us Help Them

We continue ask that you, a family member, or a nurse help your child with the activities and participate in the virtual classroom as the students served at the AoA do often need this level of facilitation.

We love serving your children.   If it were up to each person at the school, we would be at the school doing the job we love, teaching your children.  We have not only recently added a new teacher, Rachel Minnear but also institutes a fantastic new curriculum supported by newly added equipment that will help reach even the students at all levels of learning.  We hope that sooner rather than later we have that opportunity.

If you have questions any questions, please contact your child’s teacher, they will respond usually within a few hours.



Thank You,

William Harris