Parent Resources

The Academy of Ability is dedicated to understanding all aspects of orthopedic and neurological disabilities. We hope the resources below can aid in the health, growth and development your children and further your understanding of their unique needs.

Learning Aids


iPad Apps:

  • Tiny Tap has homemade games you can try and you can also make your own based on your own content.  
  • How Do You Feel? This app has different levels of discussion regarding situations and feelings.
  • Between the Lines is an app that presents life situations and asks students to identify how the characters are feeling or what the true meaning is behind what they are saying.  
  • What Are They Thinking? This is an app that presents real life photos and provides an opportunity to imagine what the character is feeling. The app then reveals what the character is feeling.   

Cerebral Palsy

Communication & Mobility Devices

Risk Factors

If engagement, stretching, and proper positioning are not a part of your child’s daily life, then the following issues may occur:

  • Increased risk for movement impairments
  • Increased risk for muscle tightness and joint deformities (contractures)
  • Increased risk for pain and muscle spasms
  • Increased risk for hip deviations
  • Increased risk for scoliosis
  • Increased risk for depression

Here’s how parents can help prevent these issues:

  • Engage with your child and include them in family conversations.
  • Take your child out into the community.
  • Take your child out of their wheelchair and help them stretch/exercise/play.
  • Position your child correctly in their wheelchair.
  • Involve your child in activities of daily living.

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