Talent Show to Showcase Students’ Ability

“Academy of Ability’s Got Talent” is part talent show and part learning experience — for students and the audience.

Students will showcase their individual talents on stage while learning how to come together as a group and carry out an event.

The audience will get a chance to see these unique talents while learning more about Academy of Ability, a private, not-for-profit school for children with physical and learning disabilities.

“We’re trying to promote awareness of the program,” said creative arts teacher and event director Daniella Harris. “We’re a small school, so this gives us an opportunity to show the community a bit of what we do.”

The target audience for the talent show will be potential students. Harris also hopes the event will foster corporate support and supporters of the program.

“We wanted to put on a variety show to showcase all the students’ talents and their abilities,” Harris said. “We want to show people that they need to be given a chance just as everyone else does, and this is the perfect opportunity to give them that spotlight.”

The show will be held May 31st at 1 p.m. in Schaffer Hall at St. John Lutheran Church in Winter Park. It will feature 24 participants, including solo and group acts.

“When we first decided to do this talent show, we didn’t expect it to come together as easily as it did,” Harris said. “I quickly realized that each student either knew their talent or we knew their talent. It was also amazing to see the how the students build each other up to make this show work.”

“Academy of Ability’s Got Talent” will showcase a range of unique talents. There will be singing, dancing, a runway fashion walk, a karate exhibition and even a stand-up comedy act.

“We have one student who is very funny and wanted to do stand-up comedy, but he was afraid he wouldn’t get applause at the end,” Harris said. “We had to coach him and a few other students to be confident in the talents they were born with.”

Two students will co-host the event. Harris describes the pair as best friends who have a dynamic relationship. She knows that chemistry will be on display on stage May 31st.

Above all else, the event is meant to be a valuable learning experience for Academy of Ability’s students, showing them that if they come together as a family, anything is possible.

“It’s about building confidence in the kids and showing them that they are just as capable as anyone else,” Harris said. “The world is telling them that they’re disabled, but they just have to work hard like everyone else to get where they want to be.”


What: Academy of Ability’s Got Talent

When: May 31st at 1 p.m.

Where: Schaffer Hall at St. John Lutheran Church; 5547, 1600 S. Orlando Ave., Winter Park, FL

Cost: $5; Additional donations accepted


The Academy of Ability is a private, K-12 not-for-profit school for children with orthopedic and neurological disabilities in Winter Park, Florida. The school specializes working with children with cerebral palsy and similar conditions. The program offers an individualized curriculum to each student. In addition to fostering academic progress, Academy of Ability teaches students valuable life skills such as brushing their teeth, putting on clothes and feeding themselves.